Top 10 Games for Smart Phones

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Own a smart phone? The next question would undoubtedly be; Dude which games you got there? Games and smart phones have their destinies intertwined since forever. Today we have the top 10 most played games on android and iOS. Yes, we find it frustrating too that some games are available on only one platform. Nonetheless, enjoy the list!

10.  Horn



A game that you can buy for $6.99, Horn is available for iOS only. The game has a thoughtful endless story and has quite imaginative graphics to offer as well. The story revolves aroung Horn, a blacksmith, who must save the villagers from the giant monster.

9. ARC Squadron



Android people, this one is for you! A free and limited time version, ARC Squadron is an arcade game that deals with shooting. The game play is really great thanks to the Nintendo 64 powered unreal engine. The graphics are amazing.

8. Angry Birds Star Wars



Angry birds is a must have game. The best part is that the game is available on both iOS and Android. Now we have the latest edition of Angry birds; Angry Birds Star Wars. The birds have light sabers and laser powers but you must pay $2.99 to have this out of the world game on your smart phone.

7. Rayman Jungle Run



Created by Ubisoft, this particular game is titled the best game of the year. An addictive game and one that challenges its players, Rayman Jungle Run is being praised by everyone. The game play and the interesting story makes up for the price that you’ll have to pay for this game.

6. LetterPress



One of the best iOS games out there, Letterpress is still free and you can have fun without paying for it. The game is somewhat like chess and the key idea behind the game is to change as many tiles as possible to match the color you have been assigned. The game ends when one runs out of tiles. Still, the game is fun to play and can very easily keep you occupied for hours.

5. Beat Sneak Bandit



Another game that is available on both iOS and Android. The game requires you to tap on the beat and is a really clever tapping game. You will have to keep up with the beat mate! The game is available in iOS market for $2.99.

4. Punch Quest



Developed by RocketCat games for both the Android and iOS, Punch Quest is an endless running game where you keep moving forward with the help of jabs and uppercuts. There are a lot of upgrades available and some of them are really cool indeed. Your opponents will include skeletons, arcs and other scary monstrous creatures.

3. Real Boxing


If you are a boxing fan then this is for you. The game has been designed for gesture control and was primarily made for touch screen Android phones. It ranks number three so yes, it is definitely something! The high quality graphics are what make Real Boxing. Developed by Vivid games, it is one of the best games out there. One may customize his or her player and train the fighter to win more fights.

2. Jetpack Joyride



Our favorite, Jetpack Joyride is also available for iOS and Android topping the charts for both OS in 2012. The idea behind the game is to collect coins and get as far as possible acheiving as many goals/missions as you can along your way. You will be high-fiving scientists, travelling in bad as hog, Mr. Cuddles and what not! The game is addictive and can have you occupied for hours. The best part; it’s for free.

1. The Room


Specifically designed for iOS, The Room is quite a challenging puzzle game that can have you baffled with its amazing 3D graphics and high quality makeup. The game requires a single finger control and can yet be quite puzzling for you! Still, it is a must have for anyone who owns an iphone or ipad. Solve the puzzle and win the game!

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